TITANS TV Series Might Have The Best Titans Line-up

As soon as TNT’s Teen Titans series (simply called Titans) was announced fans started debating what the line-up would be. Now, thanks to Nerdist’s report on a leaked pilot script, we know. Some of them are obvious. Some are surprising. Some are the best thing ever.

First the obvious –

Dick Grayson


Dick will start the show as Robin, having just fallen out with Batman, though he’ll likely switch to his Nightwing persona fairly quickly. He’s working as a detective in Boston.



Long-time Titan Raven will appear at the end of the pilot. She’ll be using the Rachel Roth identity from Geoff Johns’ run.



Another classic member, Starfire also shows up late in the pilot. And remember, they’re introducing her, an Alien, and Raven, a demon, to the DCTV Universe, where not all that long ago the producers wouldn’t give Oliver Queen a code name.

What’s interesting is that fellow Titan-stalwarts Beast Boy/Changeling and Cyborg are nowhere to be found. That doesn’t mean they won’t join the team later on though.

Now the surprising –

Hawk and Dove


The Hank Hall/Dawn Granger version of the duo will be the show’s official team romance.

And, finally, the best thing ever.

Barbara freaking Gordon


She’ll be running support for them team from back at HQ, while sitting in a wheelchair. They won’t be calling her Oracle (yet), but holy crap, Oracle!


That’s a pretty great line-up. There’s no one I don’t like. Women outnumber men two-to-one (which is refreshing), though the team is awfully white (and orange). I wouldn’t be surprised if Hawk or Dove get a race swap to fix that.

Also, paralyzed Barbara Gordon. Dick as disgruntled-Robin. The Arrow-verse has a Batman.

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