Toy Fair 2012 – Gaming

While everyone else is focusing on action figures (and trust me, I’ll get to them), I’m going to give some attention to some of the other aspects of Toy Fair. First up is gaming.

There were a ton of games represented at Toy Fair. From board games to card games, from video games to role playing games, there was something for everyone. Here’s just some of what was on display.

Because there’s a Walking Dead board game. There was a Walking Dead every fucking thing at Toy Fair.

Um, why?

The guy who created this game described it as a cross between pretty much every fantasy property imaginable. It did look really fun though.

Am I the only person who still doesn’t really get Axe Cop? I am completely convinced it’s a giant troll and that the story about the kid writing it is total bull.

Fantasy Flight also has a Star Wars X-wing dogfight combat game coming up that looks fantastic. And look for a review soon of Fantasy Flight’s Elder Sign, a game they described as “a sort of Arkham Horror lite.”

A cross between Scrabble and poker, sounds interesting.

This game looked really cool. It used lasers and mirrors in a sort of chess-type game. I’d love to give it go sometime.

Because all gamers love plush Cthulu dolls. It’s a rule.

Settlers of Catan for kids. Do I have to say anything else?

Cool retro-future space travel card game with art by Wonder Woman‘s Cliff Chiang. It looks like a lot of fun. I’ll let you know soon; there’s a review on its way.

How about some simple but fun video games?

Buzzer controls for your iPad. Why hadn’t anyone thought of this before? Apparently it was such a clever idea that it won one of the highest awards of the show.

Dropping game counters from the same company, not so much for the grown-ups but very cool for the kids.

I love this hand-held video game system that plays old-school NES and SNES games so much. It also has controllers that plug into it for two-player games that you can play with it plugged into your TV. Anyone feel like getting me an early birthday present?

Since I wasn’t really sure where else to put these, and since they were at the same booth as some of the games I’m throwing them on this page. Can someone please tell me why trading cards are still a thing?

Seriously, Walking Dead everything.

Who collects this? Really?

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