Toy Fair – Costumes By Rubies And Elope

Everybody loves to dress up, and companies like Elope and Rubies make it a bit easier. Even if you’re a hardcore cosplayer who’d never be caught dead wearing something bought from a costume store, you have to be amazed at what’s coming out. Seriously, I never expected to see some of this stuff.

First we’ll start with Rubies, who had mostly kids’ costumes on display.

They had some Hobbit stuff, including a full Bilbo costume set.

Hobbit1 Hobbit2


There were some… confusing Star Wars costumes. I don’t really recall Darth Vader or Boba Fett being particularly ripped, and yet here are Vader and Fett muscle chests. I do like the costume 2-packs though. That’s a pretty great idea if you’ve got kids.

StarWars1 StarWars3 StarWars4

Rubies was also showing some kind of interesting Muppet costumes for girls (or for boys, I’m not judging, former Rocky Horror cast member here). As costumes, they don’t really make much sense, but as dresses, they’re actually pretty cute.

Muppets1 Muppets2

Of course there was a whole slew of DC Comics stuff for both boys and girls. A lot of the boys’ costumes came with options for muscle chests (and now muscle arms).


While the girls’ ones did not. They did, however, seem to be, at least loosely, based on the DC Nation Super Best Friends Forever shorts, with the line being called My Super Best Friends and the art being close to, but not quite like the cartoon.

DC11 DC12

There is an overabundance of pink, but there are some accurate costumes if you look for them.

DC5 DC6 DC7 DC8 DC9 DC10 DC13

Though why are Supergirl and Wonder Girl wearing masks?

Also, I’m really loving the little kid costumes based on the very kid-friendly Dark Knight Rises.

DC14 DC15

Now onto Elope, who managed to snag a license I never expected.

Did you ever in a million years think you’d be able to walk into a costume store and buy official Doctor Who stuff? It’ll happen. Elope got the rights and is making all kinds of Doctor Who gear – Tom Baker scarves and hats, fezes and bow ties, hell even Dalek and TARDIS dresses.

110_4201 110_4203


110_4196 110_4197

110_4198 110_4199 110_4200

The company is also expanding their popular “Steamworks” steampunk brand, making it easier for newbies to the fandom deck out their gear-laden costumes.

110_4205 110_4206 110_4207

They’re particularly proud of their “plague doctor mask.”


You can expect the Elope’s Marvel line to add a ton of weird new hats, including a silly, but kind of great Iron Man one.

110_4188 110_4190 110_4191

And while not official, these sure as hell look like Catwoman goggles to me.


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