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If any toy company deserves the award for “most improved” it’s Jazwares. They’ve come a long way from the days of their Percy Jackson figures. Now one only needs to look at the fantastic work Jazwares is doing with Adventure Time and Regular Show to see the kind of work they’re capable of.

Sadly, they didn’t allow photography for a lot of their upcoming products, but doesn’t mean I can’t tell you about them.

Jazwares is expanding their very fun Plants vs Zombies line. Expect more figures like these…


and a few others I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of. Also, they’re adding roleplay zombie masks. They showed two, but only let me photograph this one.


The Mortal Kombat line is going strong, with figures and now roleplay items like Sub-Zero’s Ice Sword. (Which I kind of really want.)

Jazwares3 Jazwares4 Jazwares5 Jazwares6 Jazwares7

They also had a pretty cool Mortal Kombat arena playset that was off-limits. I really wish I could have shown that to you guys.

To the reader who specifically asked about it, they had some very fun upcoming Sonic stuff but wouldn’t let me take pictures of any of it. Expect a new super-poseable Silver the Hedgehog (that looked to based on this Sonic) and life-size light-up gold ring, in addition to new racers which they said were doing very well for them.

It kind of sucks that the only things from Regular Show I was allowed to photograph were “thumbwrestlers” – little rubber guys that fit over your thumb when you thumbwrestle, since they had some great plushes and mock-ups announcing the expansion of the 6″ line beyond Mordecai and Rigby.


Similarly, photography of Adventure Time was strictly off-limits. However, expect to see a major expansion of roleplay toys, including new Finn and Fionna hats, new swords, Jake as a shield and Marceline’s ax. Though they did give us some pictures of the new hats.

JAZWARES_Adventure Time_Jake Hat

JAZWARES_Adventure Time_Fionna Hat

I’m not sure if you picked up on the pattern or not, but Jazwares is really pushing the roleplay toys, which is something I’m behind 100%. It’s an area the company the excels in, and one I’ve always thought was really fun myself.

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