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Michael Bay Quits TRANSFORMERS Movies, Fans Celebrate Like The End Of RETURN OF THE JEDI

BATMAN 66 Is All Over The Place At #SDCC

Batman Heads Into Space In LEGO BATMAN 3

TRANSFORMERS 4 Trailer Gives A Taste Of What We’re All Going To See Whether We Want To Or Not

You Might Be Surprised By The TRANSFORMERS’ New Leader

GET BIT! DELUXE – A Game Review

Rocksteady Announces BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT

Bandai’s Got POWER RANGERS And SPRUKITS And, Um, BEN 10, I Guess


Take A Look At What Hasbro Brought To Toy Fair – Part 1

Check Out 60 Of Funko’s Retro 3 3/4″ ReAction Action Figures

So Much GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Stuff It Barely All Fit Into One Post

WINTER SOLDIER, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 And TRANSFORMERS 4 Trailers Played During Some… Thing?… Yesterday

Now We Know What The Movie TMNT Look Like

The SIMPSONS Lego Set Is A Thing Of Beauty

Could ALIEN: ISOLATION Actually Be Good?

Everything Is Awesome In The Full LEGO MOVIE Trailer

Mattel Announces New DC & GHOSTBUSTERS Figures, Needs To Make Up Its Mind

Is There Still Life In The BATMAN 66 Toy Line?

Donate To Charity, Get TANK GIRL Toys. Seriously

GI JOE 3 Has a Writer

Toys R Us Goes Gender-Neutral, In The UK At Least – UPDATE About US Stores

Mattel’s GHOSTBUSTERS Line Isn’t Dead?!?

Could THE LEGO MOVIE Be The Best Movie Of 2014?

YOUNG JUSTICE Lives! (In Video Game Form, At Least) Check Out The Trailer

Could The PACIFIC RIM Video Game Be The Greatest Game Ever?

Hasbro’s Letting The Internet Design A Transformer, There’s No Way This Can Go Badly

BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS Announced. Looks Like No One’s Going Out For Halloween

Toy Fair – Cool Dolls

Toy Fair – BATMAN 66 Was Everywhere

Toy Fair – Costumes By Rubies And Elope

Toy Fair 2013 Coverage

Toy Fair – Funko’s My Little Pony: Frienship Is Magic

BATMAN 66 Toys Are Really Coming!

Cobra Wants You!

Get Your Own Fridge – Gender Roles

Marvel Superheroes To Join Lego Video Game Franchise

Fan-made BACK TO THE FUTURE Lego Set Becoming A Reality

Get Your Own Fridge – On “Boys’ Toys” And “Girls’ Toys”

CrimsonPrime’s Toy Vidcast – TFC Hercules Dr. Crank Review

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CrimsonPrime’s Toy Vidcast Episode 1

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Toy Fair 2012 – Smart Toys

Toy Fair 2012 – Kids’ Stuff

Toy Fair 2012 – Gaming

Check Out This Infographic Of Crazy Toy Facts

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