Two Trailers And A Commercial for Bond’s Next Outing, SKYFALL

Because of MGM’s financial woes it’s been a while since 007’s last adventure, but he’s finally back this November with the not-so-fantastically-named Skyfall. And with these new trailers and new commercial, we get to see a bit more of what to expect from Bond’s triumphant return.

First up is a TV spot that aired at some point during the Olympics, though I’m not sure when. It doesn’t show much except for some really great visuals.

Then we have the theatrical trailers, which were released today. They give a bit more of an idea of the plot and show some interaction between Daniel Craig’s Bond and Ben Whishaw’s Q. First up is the American trailer.

And the international trailer.

All three spots have one of my favorite Bond images ever, fixing his sleeve after jumping onto a torn apart train. So perfect.

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