Watch More AVENGERS Deleted Scenes And The ITEM 47 Short While You Can

Who knows how long these will still be online before Marvel and Disney pull them, but in the meantime feast your eyes on some more Avengers deleted/extended scenes to go with the one from yesterday (which seemed much more like a legit release) and the new short Item 47.

Fair warning: Item 47 annoyingly has ads in the middle of the video.

MARVEL.One-Shot.Item.47.2012.BRRip.1080p.x264-AVI by dm_503348fa8610e

I love how this short has an actual narrative instead of just filling in some blanks between movies, which is not a knock on the other shorts, more a compliment on this one’s scale.

twitvid_video_0 by Marvel_freshman

I believe this is an alternate opening, which would have foreshadowed the battle and bookended the film with the following scene…

alt_ending by dm_503348fa8610e

I’m curious what the movie would have been like with the Hill testimony opening/ending. I’m not sure if it would have helped or hurt it.

twitvid_video_0 (2) by Marvel_freshman

This had to be cut for time, as it does a lot of character work for Captain America, introduces the girl he saves later and has a great line from Stan Lee.

Original Video– More videos at TinyPic

And of course there’s a gag reel, which is mostly worth it just for Cobie Smulders’ prolonged screams of anguish over Caulson’s death.

Like I said, I don’t imagine these will be up for long so watch them while you can.

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