WATCHMEN Toast, The Perfect Compliment For Beans Straight From The Can

As much as you think DC hates Alan Moore, you have severely underestimated that hatred. And you don’t even have to take my word for it. I’m about to explain just how deep Dan DiDio’s animosity really goes.

And it’s fucking hilarious.

You may not have heard of Dynamic Forces. They’re a company that sells licensed tchotchkes. The kind of cute, forgettable crap that your aunt gets you for your birthday because she knows you like “that nerdy stuff.” One of the sillier things they have is a line of toasters that burns images onto your breakfast.

(I saw this at Toy Fair.)

Here’s where it gets funny/insulting – Watchmen is in Dynamic Forces’ list of new licenses. Yes, you read that read right. Soon you’ll be able to eat Watchmen toast as part of your balanced breakfast.

There’s no word yet on exactly what image the toaster will burn into your bread, but since DC had such a legal issue with the smiley face people it probably won’t be the bloody button. It’s safe to expect it’ll be every idiot’s favorite character’s mask – a Rorschach design.

But hey, Watchmen is in good company. Domo’s got a toaster, too.

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