WB Has How Many Writers Working On WONDER WOMAN?

The expectations for the upcoming Wonder Woman film are high… No, that’s not quite right. The expectations are astronomical. If WW fails then it would be seen not as a rejection of a bad movie, but as a statement on movies starring female superheroes (and female action heroes in general). So how does Warner Bros. plan to make her on-screen debut the best it can be? By not having a clear vision of what film they want, obviously.

According to screenwriter/producer Arash Amel (Grace of Monaco, Erased) the studio has six different writers working on six different scripts. Really.

In a series of tweets, Amel revealed the potentially troubling situation as well as his misgivings on the subject.


Someone just told me six writers have been hired to simultaneously write six versions of Wonder Woman movie. WHAT?


Worrying trend of simultaneous dev on major franchises growing. This is wrong on so many levels.


I’m sure Hollywood screenwriter’s career will soon resemble the sweatshop that makes tennis shoes for Nike.


Come on WGA. Where the fuck are you?


And what are we paying WGA for if not to stop unfair practices? Failed on 1-step deals. Failed on producer passes. Failing now. Pass.

It’s possible that he’s over-reacting, that Warners is just trying to find the most efficient means of getting the best take on the character, but in reality there isn’t exactly a history of spectacular films made in this way.

I really, really hope that this turns out to be an exception.

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