Weirdest Thing You’ll See Today – Insane Dancing In KINECT STAR WARS

Oh man, this is going to piss some people off. Kinect Star Wars, the latest in a long line of Star Wars video games, just hit stores, and while it has some aspects fans have been begging to throw their money at for years it has one that might just have them acting out that Gamefly commercial.

I’m talking here about the “Galactic Dance Off” segment. It’s one of those motion-controlled dancing games, but with a bit of Star Wars flair.

DJ Lo-Bot, kick it.

Aww, yea! No matter what you may think of Han’s dance moves, you should watch that again and just keep looking at the Stormtrooper in the back right corner. He is super into it. I kind of love him.

Oh but ladies, don’t think it’s just Han that’s getting his club on. Leia can throw down some sweet moves of her own.

Damn right, she ain’t no hologram girl.

I know what you’re thinking, and I know how to make it up to you. Here’s gameplay footage where you lightsaber-slash and force-push your way through wave after wave of Battle Droid. Does that help?

I thought it might.

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