Whedon’s On Board For AVENGERS 2 And Marvel’s TV Series! Wha?

While it will surprise absolutely no one that Joss Whedon will officially be returning to direct Avengers 2 (it would be stupid of Disney to so anything but keep him), it wasn’t the only Whedon news announced during Disney’s quarterly Investors Conference Call.  That other news is a little less obvious.

Not only is Whedon going to be directing Avengers 2, but this time he’ll be doing it from his own script (as opposed to one he just heavily rewrote like last time). And even crazier than that is the news that he’ll be involved in the creation of the upcoming TV series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There really aren’t many details to be had yet on that series, though one of the ideas floated has apparently been “high-concept cop show” which probably means “SHIELD Agents: The Series.”

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