WORLD WAR Z Sequel Shows Signs Of Life

It looks like Marc Forster might get his wish after all.

Despite being (with a budget of $190m) the most expensive horror movie ever made, by far, World War Z had a strong enough opening weekend to give Paramount the faith to greenlight a sequel. And when I say “strong enough” I mean thanks to a $66m domestic and $118m total worldwide opening, it’s made back almost 2/3 of its insanely huge cost already. An impressive feat for a film that had to go back and reshoot the entire third act.

As I said in my review (and judging by those numbers as many of you clearly know by now), the end of the film definitely sets up for a sequel and the first place Pitt travels to includes a scene where he’s told about that location’s attack and outbreak, complete with flashback. It’s assumed the sequel would include more of these moments which show the film’s origins.

Presumably, the sequel would also include a scene or two where someone uses a lobo, because like Judge Dredd’s helmet, that was really fucking important to a lot of fans.


(Close, Brad, but not good enough.)

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