AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 2 Teaser And Casting Info From #SDCC

When it was announced the other day that Lucy Lawless (forever to be known as Xena, no matter what else she does) would be joining the cast of Agents of SHIELD people were desperate to know who she’d be playing. This weekend we found out, along with some other new additions to the the series.

Taking the “Big Bad” slot previously held by Bill Paxton’s Clarvioant, is Daniel Whitehall (aka HYDRA’s Kraken). He’ll be played by Reed Daimond (Dollhouse, 24). Lance Hunter, director of SHIELD’s UK equivalent STRIKE, will be repurposed as a mercenary who helps Coulson. Nick Blood (a bunch of British sitcoms) will take on that role. Lawless will play “long time SHIELD veteran, Isabel Hartly,” but the name’s not ringing any bells and I can’t find anything about her online.

But the big news came from Patton Oswalt’s Agents Koenig.

“Mockingbird is in.”

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