Another DC NATION Short Is About To Become A Series

One of the more overlooked bits of news to come out of this weekend’s WonderCon was this little nugget from Saturday’s Teen Titans Go! panel.

Cartoon Network’s Sam Register was moderating the panel and was asked during the Q&A portion if any other DC Nation shorts were being considered for full series. He said that not only was one being considered, but it had already been greenlit.

What short do you think will be going to series? Could it beĀ Amethyst or Batman of Shanghai, which fans have been demanding more of? Might it even be Plastic Man or Super Best Friends Forever? You’re being ridiculous.


No, it’s not DC Nation’s Farm League or even Supermanatee. CN is expanding Ambush Slug’s nonspeaking cameo into a full series.

“I think Ambush Slug is the perfect character to carry his own show,” Register said. “That little guy shows more range in his two seconds of screen time than those Level Up kids have been able to muster in two seasons.”

Register went on to say Duckseid would obviously be a recurring villain, and that fans should expect to see many of the Farm League characters appear on the series. Ambush Slug is set to premiere this time next year.

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