Huge DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Casting News! Giant Spoiler Inside!

One of the most hotly debated topics in all of nerdery for months now has been just who is going to show up in the big 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who. Whether or not they’d come back is something that’s been asked of every actor ever to appear on the series in damn near any capacity. And with the exception of John Barrowman’s flip-flopping answers, everyone’s pretty much just said “Eh, don’t really know.” But it looks like Doctor Who Magazine sent out some copies early, and they actually do know.

If you’d prefer to wait to find out (at least for a little while), I’ve left some…


According to the magazine (and a confirmation from the official Doctor Who Twitter) the big guests for the 50th anniversary will be David Tennant and Billie Piper returning as 10.5 and Rose. It looks like we’ll be finding out what happened to the pair of them over on that alternate Earth. Great. If there was one character I’d hoped to not see again it was Rose.

On the plus side, John Hurt will also be in the episode, which is confirmed for a 60 minute runtime and a limited worldwide theatrical release. (When does the line for tickets start forming?)


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