AQUAMAN Movie’s On The Way, But From Which Writer?

Aquaman is definitely heading to the big screen, even if he doesn’t show up in Batman v Superman (but he totally will) and regardless of whether or not Jason Momoa is playing him (but he totally is).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. is moving forward on the Aquaman film but they’re not exactly sure what they want it to be yet so they’ve hired two writers to work on it. The catch is that they’re not working together.

Will Beall, writer of Gangster Squad and a bunch of episodes of Castle is going to take a crack at the King of Atlantis, while Kurt Johnstad, who wrote both 300 movies and Act of Valor (that weird movie where real Navy SEALs played themselves) is going to be turning in a presumably much more testosterone-fueled version.

I’m predicting Johnstad’s script will be easier to picture Momoa in. In fact, given his previous work and history with Snyder, I’d be very surprised if Johnstad didn’t get the job. And as much as I’d do literally anything to see Jason Momoa play the Brave and the Bold version of Aquaman, he’ll probably be more like this.




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