We’re Getting Even More VERONICA MARS… Kinda

Back in January, in the run-up to the Veronica Mars movie, series creator Rob Thomas announced plans for a spin-off web series. The then-untitled project would, according to Thomas, “have more in common with Party Down tonally, but it will be about Ryan Hansen, or at least a version of Ryan Hansen, deciding to capitalize on the current Veronica Mars heat to get his own series on the air. He’ll try to pull his actor pals into the venture with varying degrees of success.”

Veronica_Mars_3x04_286It’s been seven months of silence, but we finally know the details thanks to Buzzfeed. Play It Again, Dick (also the name of the show-within-the-show) will be available on CW Seed starting the week of September 15, and brings back almost the entire cast (who all play “slightly skewed versions” of themselves).

Just who will return?

  • Obviously Ryan Hansen, who will play himself and Dick Casablancas
  • Kristen Bell as herself and Veronica Mars
  • Jason Dohring as himself and Logan Echolls
  • Enrico Colantoni as himself and Keith Mars
  • Percy Daggs III as himself and Wallace Fennel
  • Daran Norris as himself and Cliff McCormack
  • Francis Capra as himself and Eli “Weevil” Navarro
  • Kyle Gallner as himself and Cassidy “Beaver” Casablancas
  • Christopher B. Duncan as himself and Clarence Wiedman

And here’s where it gets interesting…

  • Ryan Devlin as himself and Duncan Kane – Yes, Devlin played rapist Mercer Hayes (spoiler) and Duncan Kane was played by Teddy Dunn. It looks like Hansen had to do some recasting.
  • Chris Lowell as himself, but not as Stosh ‘Piz’ Piznarski. Maybe Hansen hated that character as much as so many of the fans did?
  • Ken Marino as Ken Marino, but not Vinnie Van Lowe. I have no speculation on this one. I’m just glad he’s back, unlike Tina Majorino.
  • Amanda Noret as Madison Sinclair, but not herself. Just skipping over her casting scenes?
  • Lisa Thornhill as Celeste Kane, but not herself. See above.

This seems all kinds of crazy and meta and wonderful. But is it too weird? Is this something you’re looking forward to or couldn’t care less about?

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