Are These DOCTOR WHO Toys Gigantic Spoilers?

The London Toy Fair is happening right now, as opposed to the NY Toy Fair which starts in a few weeks, and toy companies are showing off their wares in hopes off catching buyers’ attentions. And since it’s the London Toy Fair, some of the toys are decidedly more British than the NY one. Like for example Doctor Who toys.

Now Character Options wasn’t showing off figures, but they were showing off role-play toys. And unless these were made-up whole cloth (which the Doctor Who toys generally haven’t been, in fact most of the role-play toys have been pretty decent prop replicas), they might constitute some pretty major spoilers.

So just in case, I’m leaving some…

First up we have the Dalek/Cyberman Anti-Time Device, which according to the box is made from “scavenged Dalek and Cyberman technology” and used “to wipe your enemies from time.” If this is actually from the show, who is scavenging that tech and which enemies are they trying to wipe from time?

Also, what is that lightsaber/sonic screwdriver looking thing in those pictures?

We’ve also got the Personal TARDIS – Arm Worn Time Travel Device.

This thing is amazing. If it turns out to be from the show, it’s a pretty safe bet we can figure out how it’s going to. An arm-worn TARDIS with a key-pad on it? Sure as hell looks like a prototype Time Agent vortex manipulator to me. What are the odds that we’ll see the Time Agency, and maybe even Jack, show up this season? And what is the significance of the dates – March 15, 2011 and May 8, 1686?

Even if we don’t see it on the series, I want one. Is there anything cooler than having a TARDIS on your arm? Oh wait, I’ve already got one of those.


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