Toy Packages Just Got So Much Cooler

Toy companies are always competing to come up with the newest coolest thing in the toy aisle. Lately it’s been things like how many points of articulation you can cram into a figure or how tiny the accessories can get for a GI Joe but Bandai’s upping the game in the weirdest way imaginable. They’re making Augmented Reality packaging.

Pretty soon you can expect to be able to aim your smartphone at the blister card of a Ben 10, Thundercats or Power Rangers figure and you’ll be able to see a 3D image of that figure, in motion, on your screen. We are living in the goddamn future.

How cool is that? Seriously? I can’t wait to see the Ben 10 ones. $5 says it’s Ben transforming into the alien.

Skott Stotland is a thousand monkeys in a people costume. They have been writing for the internet for over a decade.

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