ARROW Casts Its Third (!) Black Canary

The CW’s Arrow is a surprisingly fun show, and much better than their last foray into superhero television, but every now and then something happens to remind you that 2/3 of its creative team wrote Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds and the other once wrote a comic book called “Helen Killer“. Take for example, last night when it was announced that Katie Cassidy who plays Dinah “Laurel” Lance on the series will not be playing Black Canary when the fishnetted vigilante appears next season.

Despite Cassidy’s excitement about eventually getting to take on a more action-packed role, and the producers bringing in Alex Kingston to play Dinah Lance as her mother (the first Black Canary in the comics), the actress has been snubbed and the costume will go to someone else. That someone is the Caity Lotz.


Lotz appeared in a few episodes of Mad Men before going on to star in a horror film called The Pact and a sci-fi indie called The Machine.

She’ll be going by the name Dinah Drake, which was the first Black Canary’s maiden name in the comics. Now I’m curious what Alex Kingston’s Dinah Lance’s name was before she got married.

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