Mattel’s GHOSTBUSTERS Line Isn’t Dead?!?

Everyone thought Mattel’s Ghostbusters series was as dead as Slimer since the last figure (Courtroom Ray) came out last year. The goggle prop was even canceled for a while. But not only is there hope for the line, there might be reason to celebrate.

In addition to the previously uncanceled goggles, the company has announced another prop replica to go with their PKE meter and ghost trap: a neutrona wand. The not-a-gun-and-if-you-call-it-one-Dan-Aykroyd-will-find-you-and-it-will-not-be-pretty comes with a ton of cool features and is sure to anger the people that sell the replicas online.

Ghostbusters Wand

It even freaks out when two of them “cross the streams”. It will cost $130 and comes out in the fall. There is no proton pack for it… yet.

As for the actual toys, Mattel’s finally doing something they should have done from the start of the line and giving the figures removable packs. It’s not like Kenner mastered that technology in 1986 or anything.

The first wave will consist of Drs Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz.




The reason for this breakthrough? You need to be able to take off their packs so they can sit in the full 6″ scale Ecto-1.


$215, almost the same price as Castle Grayskull. If it doesn’t hit its minimum pre-order it won’t get made and neither will Peter and Ray. You’ve got til November.

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