AVENGERS 2 Adds Baron Strucker

Well, here’s a surprise. It looks like Avengers: Age of Ultron will be following the example set by pretty much every comic book movie to come before it by adding more villains to the mix.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Baron Strucker is not only joining the film, but has already been cast. Strucker will be played be German actor Thomas Kretchmann (unlike the three German characters in Captain America: The First Avenger, played by either Brits or an American). You probably won’t recognize Kretchmann from his roles in TV’s Dracula or that Hitler movie you’ve only seen a couple of minutes of on Youtube.

In fact, about half of Kretchmann’s IMDB is made up of Nazi roles and a good chunk of the rest is in vampire movies so a 100 year-old Nazi supersolider is basically the part is been preparing his whole life for.


One of the more interesting aspects of this announcement is the timing. Captain America: The Winter Soldier just went back to reshoots, and that film would be a logical place to introduce the character, even if only in a small cameo.

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