Batman And Superman To Share The Screen In A Way You Never Knew You Always Wanted

It’s something fans have been clamoring for, well, forever, an epic on-screen team-up that the screen could barely contain, and it’s finally going to happen. Batman and Superman are going to be in a movie together. Kind of.

You see, Warner Bros is making a Lego movie. Yes, that’s exactly what you read. Details are spotty at the moment, but Lego: The Piece of Resistance will be about a shy minifig (that’s what Lego people are called in case you didn’t know) who is mistaken for the “Master Builder.” What this means no one really knows, but my money’s on something Tron-esque where they think he’s not a program minifig, but a user builder.

Apparently at some point he runs into some of the licensed Lego properties, because Lego Batman and Lego Superman are in the film. And they have the best voices. Superman will be played by Channing Tatum and Batman will be played by Will Arnett. Will we see other licensed Lego characters? Maybe a cameo by Daniel Radcliffe as Lego Harry Potter? Think Disney will let them use any of the Avengers or Pirates of the Caribbean?

While this seems like a weird and possibly terrible idea, I’m cautiously optimistic. Look at how much fun the recent Lego Batman 2 is (as well as all the other Lego video games). Couple that with the creative team behind the film – it’s by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the guys who brought us Clone High and the surprisingly good Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs movie (and 21 Jump St, which I haven’t seen but keep hearing good things about) – and you get a fun concept by fun people. This could be a good one. If nothing else, Batman will be awesome.

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