Bullshit Rumor Of The Day – Eli Snyder Is Robin In BATMAN V SUPERMAN

With the Robin memorial appearing in the Batcave in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and persistent rumors that the sidekick’s death will weigh heavily over Suicide Squad it was only inevitable that people were going to start asking just who’s playing Bruce Wayne’s most poorly cared-for ward.


According to Heroic Hollywood’s Umberto Gonzalez, the role of (presumably) Jason Todd has been filled and it’s someone vaguely familiar to fans of Zack Snyder’s films. The site claims that Snyder’s son Eli will be getting crowbarred to death by Jared Leto’s Joker in a flashback next summer. Eli Snyder’s IMDB page consists solely of non-speaking cameos. He played the young Leonidis in 300 and young Rorschach in Watchmen.

Here’s the thing, though. Umberto Gonalez is better known as El Mayimbe from Latino Review, where he developed not exactly the best track record. Essentially anything he says, be it a casting scoop or the weather should be taken with a pile of salt. In addition, Eli Snyder isn’t really an actor, he’s more a glorified extra who’s about to head to UCLA to play football (and study film).


It’s a safe bet that WB will want someone for the role who can actually say words, especially if the character will pop back up in Suicide Squad (or beyond).

So while yes, Zack Snyder does have a habit of putting his son in his movies and he very well may be in Batman v Superman, I would not put any money on Eli Snyder wearing a cape any time soon.

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