Channing Tatum Might Not Play Gambit After All

…and there goes the slight bit of interest I barely had. Channing Tatum (21 Jump Street, every woman you know’s dreams), who decided there should be a Gambit movie and convinced Fox there should be too,¬†might not be playing Marvel’s most “charming” mutant.

According to The Wrap, the talks between the studio and the actor are “in jeopardy of falling apart and he is planning to exit the comic book project at 20th Century Fox.” This could be a problem, since the film is set to start filming in two months for an October 2016 release.

Director Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) should probably start looking for a replacement soon. Say, who in Hollywood can do a convincing Cajun accent and look like he knows where to get roofies? Those are pretty much the sole requirements to play Gambit, right? That and good hair.



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