Check Out 60 Of Funko’s Retro 3 3/4″ ReAction Action Figures

Funko’s ReAction Alien line must have done very well for the company because when they decided to move forward and expand it into other properties they really went for it.

Take a look at 60 figures across two dozen licenses spanning a myriad of genres, all in ReAction’s cool late 70s/early 80s Kenner-esque style. I am so in love with this line.

BTTF1 BTTF2 BTTF3 BTTF4 Buffy1 Buffy2 Buffy3 Buffy4 Buffy5 Buffy6 Crow Escape1 Escape2 Firefly1 Firefly2 Firefly3 Firefly4 Firefly5 Goonies1 Goonies2 Goonies3 Goonies4 Goonies5 Horror1 Horror2 Horror3 Horror4 Horror5 Horror6 Horror7 Horror8 Horror9 Horror10 Horror11 Horror12 Horror13 Horror14 NBX1 NBX2 NBX3 NBX4 NBX5 Pred1 Pred2 Pred3 Pred4 Pulp1 Pulp2 Pulp3 Pulp4 Pulp5 Pulp6 Pulp7 Rocketeer Term1 Term2 Term3 Term4 Term5 Term6I can really only see myself picking up the classic properties. The more recent ones aren’t working quite as much for me, but they still look fantastic. Which is really weird, because of how much I can’t stand the Iron Man 3 and Amazing Spider-Man 2 figures with the same levels of articulation that are currently choking the shelves at Target and Toys R Us.

Expect more pictures of these, as well as information about Funko’s Marvel Legends-y Legacy line from Toy Fair.

(Pictures via Entertainment Earth)

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