Check Out The New GHOSTBUSTERS Toys

Paul Feig continues to not give a fuck about angry, whiny fanboys and their preemptive blind hatred of the new Ghostbusters movie. Today the director released the first image of the film’s toy line, answering the question of “#wheres___” before it’s even asked.

I have to admit I’m really looking forward to this movie. Feig is basically following the same formula that made the original such a classic – gather up as many really funny people as you can, give them a script written by some really funny people, let magic happen.

I do have to say though about these honestly pretty great looking toys is that I wish Mattel (and to a lesser extent, Diamond Select) had given each figure as many individual pieces, especially to show the different body types. It’s still unknown whether this line will sell in stores or Matty Collector (like Mattel’s last line), but given the character-specific molding, it’s safe to assume this will be a mass-market line.

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