Chrono Bomb – A Game Review

You know that scene in every spy or heist movie where the hero has to traverse a laser grid? It’s such an iconic moment and if we’re being honest we’ve all imagined ourselves doing it. Well, thanks to a new game called Chrono Bomb you can pretend to be Catherine Zeta Jones (‘s body┬ádouble – sorry to ruin that for you) all you want in the privacy of your own home.

Using super-advanced string technology (sadly no actual lasers) Chrono Bomb allows players to climb and crawl and avoid setting off the sensor which triggers the bomb. The honestly pretty adorable bomb.

chrono bomb1

The game is simple. You connect the cord to your furniture using the clamps provided, making an obstacle course and you’re set up. Toss a few game cards on the floor and crawl through, picking them up as you go. The objective is to make it across and defuse the bomb before time runs out (or before you set it off by hitting the “laser”). There are variations the include scanning the cards with your phone, but honestly it’s still fun if you ignore the card aspect altogether.

chrono bomb2

I only really have one complaint. The sensor is a little tricky. Sometimes it’ll go off for no reason and sometimes you can really smack into the cord to no effect. Weird.

Despite that issue, Chrono Bomb is one the coolest, most interesting games I’ve played in a very long time. It’s basically a single scene spy movie LARP. It doesn’t matter that it’s technically for kids. I’m in my 30s and loved the hell out of it. You want a game that you actually play? A party game with no complicated rules? A chance to be a cat burgler without going to prison? Buy this game.

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