Could The PACIFIC RIM Video Game Be The Greatest Game Ever?

What has your life been missing? The one thing that would make your mortal existence complete? Is it religion? True love? An accomplishment that would make future generations remember your name? No. These things are nice, but they’re nothing compared to the potential greatness I’m about to lay out before you.

Three words: Kaiju. Fighting. Game.

Hell yes, the Pacific Rim video game is going to be a kaiju fighting game. Is there anything you need more than that? I didn’t think so.

The game is from developer Yuke’s Co., the people behind a bunch of WWE games. I’ll admit I’m not a big wrestling fan, but wrestling video games are a not-so-guilty pleasure of mine. They’re fun as all hell and I love them. I make no apologies.

Anyway, check out these out these screenshots from the Pacific Rim game via Latino Review.

Pacific-Rim-Game-Screenshot-1 Pacific-Rim-Game-Screenshot-2 Pacific-Rim-Game-Screenshot-3 Pacific-Rim-Game-Screenshot-4 Pacific-Rim-Game-Screenshot-5 Pacific-Rim-Game-Screenshot-7 Pacific-Rim-Game-Screenshot-9

I just hope it doesn’t fall victim to the curse of movie tie-in games and suck horribly. This has the potential to be the greatest game of all time, to bring about world peace. Or to be so bad as to cause a total catastrophic war to end all human life on this planet. But, you know, no┬ápressure, Yuke’s Co.

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