David Tennant Might Join FAST 6, Making It The Geekiest Film Set

I’m sure some of you are letting out am oh-so-familiar Star Wars ‘NOOOO!!!!” at this news, but our dear Tenth Doctor might be joining the Fast and the Furious series. We all knew he was trying to break into Hollywood, but this can’t possibly be for real. Can it?

Yes. Yes, it can. David Tennant is rumored to be in talks with director Jason Lin for a part in the hilariously abbreviated-titled next chapter in the Fast and the Furious saga, Fast 6. And if he does take the part, having Tennant and series regular Vin Diesel might make for one of the nerdiest sets ever.

Keep in mind we’re talking about an actor who wasn’t allowed to attend Doctor Who conventions because he’s such a fan of the show that he’d just keep talking about upcoming storylines and another who has consistently played Dungeons & Dragons since the 70s. (Pure speculation here, but you know damn well that someone who’s played D&D for most of his life is probably going to fanboy all over the Doctor.)

This casting will make it easier, however, for slashfic writers who want to pair up the Doctor with Riddick, as I’m sure they’ll continue their franchise-long tradition of keeping the homoeroticism just barely not text. This is, after all, an entire series that takes place in the moment before a kiss.

Which is totally not the reason Jeremy Clarkson loves the films so much.

And speaking of, here’s a clip of David Tennant’s previous experience at high-speed driving. It, um, didn’t go well.

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