The Weirdest Thing You’ll Read Today Is About The AVENGERS’ Post-credits Scene

Everyone knows to stay to the end of the credits of a Marvel movie (well, not everyone – there’s always a bunch of people that leave right away) and Avengers rewarded us twice. Not only was there a scene that broke into the credits, but there was a second one after the very last bit of text had scrolled by. This is the one I’m going to talk about and the behind the scenes weirdness of it will blow your damn mind.

But first, for the seven people who haven’t seen Avengers yet…

As you might have heard, after the film’s official premiere the whole gang got back together to shoot one more scene. I repeat, after the film’s official premiere, only three weeks before its wide release. Rumors swirled about what they could possibly be filming and to turned out it be a extra post-credits scene.

I’m sure you remember how when Tony Stark regains consciousness after almost dying he brings up the idea of going out for shawarma later. Then, if you stayed through the credits, you’d see they did just that. That scene, with the Avengers sitting around the table, quietly eating their shawarma while people clean up rubble in the background was the new footage shot after the premiere. And here’s where it gets weird.

Here’s a picture of Chris Evans at the Avengers primiere.

See that beard he’s sporting? It’s not that normal between-movie scruff actors tend to grow; it’s for Snowpiercer, the movie he’s currently filming. That means he couldn’t shave it for a minute-long bonus scene in a movie that was already finished. How on Earth could they possibly solve this dilemma? In the only completely not-insane way imaginable, of course.

They gave him a fake face.

According to this EW article, to hide his beard the lower half of Chris Evans’ face was covered with a prosthetic that essentially wired his jaw shut. This is why he’s the only one not eating, just kind of sitting there with his with cheek resting on his hand (that way his hand helps to hide the appliance). You can see it again in this Youtube video that I am in no way going to embed. Or you can just scroll down a little bit more.

Evans’ fake face seemed to have been a source of hilarity for his costars, notably at a recent press conference.

Robert Downey Jr. seemed to be having the most fun at his expense,

“Where is Chris Evans? Getting his face replaced?” Downey asks.

Evans hasn’t arrived yet, but that doesn’t hold back Downey. “Chris, why the long face? Chris, why the WRONG face?” Downey says as the other guys laugh.

among many other cracks.

And once Evans arrives,

Suddenly Renner, who has been low-key this entire time, breaks into a Chris-Evans-with-prosthetic-make-up Buffalo Bill impression from The Silence of the Lambs: “I’d fuck me”

Can you blame them?

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