DC Goes Back To The Bat-Well With More Bat-Origins In “Zero Year Event”

Remember how much we all loved “Night of the Owls” and how if you didn’t read every comic book remotely connected to Batman you had no idea what was going on in the ones you did read? Remember how last year DC did #0 issues where they told everyone’s origins? Well this November get ready for deja vu as DC combines both of those “events” into one cash grab.


According to an interview with the New York Post, Scott Snyder’s upcoming “Zero Year” story line in Batman is being expanded to involve the rest of the Bat-family. Snyder explained the crossover:

I was writing it as a singular story and some of other writers asked with the Bat-characters in particular, if they might be able to show where their characters were during this kind of seminal moment in the story, when Gotham is at a very dangerous moment.


And so I said, ‘Look, if you guys want to do it, you know, we’re all friends, I’m not gonna say no.’ So there will be some tie-ins with some of the books you would expect.


I’m really, really happy that they wanted to do it just because we are really close, all of us working on the Batbooks and it’s fun when they say ‘We’d like to tie in and show where our characters are’ … I’ll never say no to that when they ask.

Yes, because other writers are always so desperate to have their books tied into crossovers. They’re notorious for begging to be involved in these things.

Snyder went on to explain that they were so eager because “This is an opportunity for them to show where their character is … and to give you a secret moment from the history of that character that you might not have seen before.” Hopefully, these secret moments in “Zero Year” won’t be retreads of the origin stories we saw last year in “Zero Month”.

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