MAN OF STEEL 2 Is Already Happening

Even with the opening of Man of Steel still days away and reviews just now starting to trickle out, Warner Bros is convinced they have a hit on their hands. How much of a hit, I assume you ask because I can’t hear you through my computer as I type this before you read it? They’re so confident that even before the film’s made a single penny, they’ve already greenlit the sequel.

According to Deadline, both David Goyer and Zack Snyder will be returning in their respective roles as writer and director. Goyer’s contract is for three films – Man of Steel, its sequel and a Justice League movie featuring this version of Superman.

The site goes on to say that the sequel is being fast-tracked, so expect work to start almost immediately. I’d be shocked if it came out any later than summer 2015. I’m thinking much sooner than that (try more like the yearly┬áreleases of Harry Potter or Hunger Games).

While you’re mulling over what villain you want to see in Man of Steel 2 (my vote’s for Mxyzptlk), you need to check out this amazing promo from The Hub. Much like the fantastic animated Dark Knight Rises trailer they did, they remade the MoS trailer using footage from the Superman animated series and got the show’s voice actors to redub the dialog. It’s a thing of joy.

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