Did An Episode Title Just Confirm A Major Villain For ARROW?

If you’re watching Arrow then you’re familiar with the crazy-ass plans that John Barrowman’s character Malcolm Merlyn and his associates have been putting into motion in Starling City. You also know that Malcom Merlyn went to Nanda Barbat and met a man who helped set him on this path.

Today a title for a season two episode was released that might explain who that man was. If you don’t want to know, don’t go past the…


It appears that episode 2×05 is going to be titled “The Demon’s Head” which, of course, is the English translation of Ra’s al Ghul.

It’s been clear since Merlyn’s plans were laid out that they were very Ra’s-esque and once he started talking about a mysterious man he met in the DC Universe’s go-to place for mystical learning that “The Undertaking” wasn’t necessarily his idea.

Will Ra’s al Ghul himself show up? Who knows? He’s been a shadowy, behind-the-scenes string-puller on Beware the Batman for a few weeks now. What’s to say he won’t do the same here. But this much is certain – introducing Batman villains shows that this is definitely a shared universe. With the Flash coming up later in the season and spinning off into his own series, it’s becoming more possible that DC/WB is planning to tie their CW shows and their films together to form their cinematic Justice League.

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