DOCTOR WHO Minisode And Christmas Special News

The Doctor Who Christmas special “The Snowmen” is almost here, just a week away. Which means it’s probably also time to panic about not having your shopping done. It also means that the BBC has released another prequel minisode.

The short, “Vastra Investigates”, appropriately focuses on Victorian Silurian detective Madame Vastra, giving some insight into her backstory.

They are adorable. And I still want to hang out with Strax all the time.

In other Who news, expect some big changes next week. In addition to the new companion, the Doctor’s getting a brand-new TARDIS and a new opening sequence.

Word came last weekend that there would be a change to “the desktop theme” along with this teasing glimpse of the new look.


But now the BBC says that’s not the only thing being updated. Viewers can expect a new opening with a reworked version of the theme song. The new look is described as “wonderfully dramatic and striking, with a couple of unexpected touches.”

So… new companion, new costume, new TARDIS, new opening, new theme song. Because this absolutely isn’t a new season. It’s just the second half of season 7. Of course it is.

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