Get Your Own Fridge – Favorite Female Friendships

From media which finds itself unable to pass the Bechdel Test, to the potrayal of female friends as being incapable of being more than frenemies, the friendship between women is not usually potrayed as important or nessesary. Some of my favorite female friendships happen in cartoons, where there is more flexibility in characters and storytelling.

Raven & Starfire on Teen Titans
Raven and Starfire don’t understand each other, but they learn to respect their differences which allows them to become friends. (Switching bodies and having to learn the other’s powers helped speed the process along though.)

Harley & Ivy on Batman: The Animated Series
Ever had that friend who you loved, but she was dating a guy that was no good for her?

Hippolyta & Artemis in Wonder Woman
Anyone who can threaten to shoot the princess to the queen is a true friend.


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