Fan Film Friday – AUROR’S TALE – PART 1

This one had been a very long time coming, with the teaser promising a summer 2012 release. But that extra year was worth it asĀ Auror’s Tale (a true labor of love put together by fans) looks remarkably professional and managed to coincidentally bow about the same time as JK Rowling’s big Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemĀ movie announcement.

Set in the Harry Potter universe, but so far removed from it as to take place on a different continent, Auror’s Tale is, at its core, a police procedural featuring a very specific kind of cop and criminal. The result is pretty great.

There’s a lot to love in this brief clip. The concept and the special effects are fantastic. And the physical presence and almost entirely wordless acting from the character being chased really is something special.

Theoretically this is just the first part of a series,as the official Facebook page implores its fans to “please subscribe for lots of episodes coming this week!” However, given that it’s been two weeks already and it took over a year for this video to surface I’m hopeful (very hopeful) but I wouldn’t place any bets on a swift upload.

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