Donate To Charity, Get TANK GIRL Toys. Seriously

In what might be the ultimate win-win situation, there’s a way to get Tank Girl in figural form for the first time ever and do something great in the process.

The Next Frothers’ Charity Thingy has set up a deal where if you donate money one of two very worthwhile organizations, you can get exclusive limited edition Tank Girl metal miniatures. How awesome is that?

If you donate £20 ($31.80) you get Tank Girl and for £35 ($55.66) you get Tank Girl, Booga and Camp Koala. For £70 ($111.31) you could have gotten the three miniatures and the Tank, but all the Tanks are already gone.

How does it work?

Donate the money to either Cancer Research UK or the MS Society then send an email to including:

1) Your Name
2) The address you want the mini(s) sent to
3) Your Just Giving donation reference number

Along with the miniatures, you’ll get a postcard featuring this swank new art by frequent TG artist Rufus Dayglo.


These are very good causes and you get something amazing out of it. There’s almost no reason not to give to this one.

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