Fan Film Friday – The Further Adventures Of Stephanie Brown

For the second installment of Fan Film Friday, I thought it was only fair to post the second installment of another series. After months and months of waiting, episode 2 of Batgirl: Spoiled finally debuted on July 8th (the first episode came out in October of last year).

Was it worth the wait? Watch and decide for your self. If you don’t remember (or haven’t seen) part 1, here’s a link to check it out.

Personally, I can’t decide how I feel about episode 2. Marisha Ray’s acting as Batgirl was better in episode 1, and I felt Jessica Kent was a bit bland as Oracle. But Tara Strand and Robin Sol were great as Harley and Catwoman, respectively. I’m torn on which had better action. It is important to keep in mind that episode 2 didn’t have any rape threats, which goes a long way in its favor.

What do you think?

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