Those Missing DOCTOR WHO Rumors Are Back

When the rumors first started circulating that a veritable treasure trove of missing Doctor Who episodes had been found, fans collectively jumped for joy. And not only Who fans, as the haul was also said to contain lost episodes of Dad’s Army and Morecambe And Wise. The BBC, of course, denied any existence of these missing (now found) episodes.

According to Bleeding Cool, it now seems as though the network was only delaying in order to make a larger announcement later – something many fans suspected was the plan all along. How did this get out? Was there a leak, passing information to the geek media? Nothing that dramatic, I’m afraid. It appears someone changed the Dad’s Army website to reflect the discovery of new episodes.

The BBC webpage for the show used to have 3 episodes listed for the second season. It now says “There will be 6 episodes. More information coming soon.”


With the Dad’s Army episodes said to be part of the same lot as the Doctor Who episodes, is this the proof we’ve all been waiting for? Should we expect an announcement closer to the 50th? I’m thinking yes, but then I’ve thought so all year. You don’t make a 45 year old monster from a story no one can watch the Big Bad of the season unless you have something up your sleeve. And Steven Moffat always has something up his sleeve.

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