Fan-made BACK TO THE FUTURE Lego Set Becoming A Reality

Lego’s Cuusoo program is a really awesome system for fans to get some say in what kinds of kits the company produces. It’s pretty simple: anyone can submit an idea to the Cuusoo website and if 10,000 people support it then it moves on to the next step, where Lego decides if it’s appropriate for the their line and something that will sell.

Today Lego announced the fourth Cuusoo kit, the Back to the Future time machine.


It beat out three other hopefuls, an Eve Online ship, Legend of Zelda and a very cool Western town (which the BttF set would have looked great with).

The DeLoreon will join a research sub, a satellite and a Minecraft playset as fan ideas turned real. Sets based on Firefly and Shaun of the Dead got the votes but did not make it to retail.

The designers of the Lego DeLoreon have opted to forgo their 1% royalty and donate it to the Michael J Fox Foundation For Parkinson’s Research.


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