Feel Good About The Deja Vu As You Check Out Spider-Man’s New Costume

Last year’s Amazing Spider-Man was a weird movie. It wasn’t bad, so much as not really necessary – especially in the form we got (it felt very much like a reworked Spider-Man 4 script, though I know it wasn’t). One of the stranger aspects was the costume, which I always felt looked like one of those repaint action figures that comes with illogical accessories.

It seems, however, that for next year’s sequel, director Marc Webb’s looking to bring us a Spidey that looks a little more familiar – in that he looks more like the Spidey from the comics, and quite a bit more like the one Tobey Maguire played. Take a look at the new Amazing Spider-Man 2 costume, via ComingSoon.net.


To jog your memory, here’s what Andrew Garfield wore last time, and below that what Maguire wore.

hr_The_Amazing_Spider-Man_11 spider-man1

Sidenote – I can’t believe I never noticed before how much the logo on the Amazing Spider-Man suit looks like a face-hugger. Weird.

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