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One of the most long-lived catch-phrases in all of geekdom is “It’s not a doll, it’s an action figure!” But what about those times when a toy is most certainly a doll? Is that always such a bad thing? ¬†Definitely not if they’re this cool.

Newcomer to the horror fashion doll genre (which already includes¬†Monster High and Bratzillaz), Playhut’s Mystixx line borrows some very fun ideas from both modern horror stories and simple/clever toy tech. Mystixx dolls have a neat feature where they can display a “normal” face or a “scary” face by turning the head around (much like the two faces of Lego Bilbo).


Mystixx2 Mystixx3

I kind of love this. I don’t think there’s been a vampire story where they look like monsters all the time since, what, Nosferatu? Toys that change from “human” to vampire or werewolf or whatever, that’s pretty great.

Mystixx4 Mystixx5

On the more high-end and licensed side of things, we have Tonner. In the coming months, fans can expect to series of Hunger Games dolls, and more surprisingly, a very cool Warm Bodies set.

HungerGames WarmBodies

Sadly, Poison Ivy doesn’t look anywhere this good in the comics right now.


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