Find Out Who Almost Played Star-Lord in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

It’s hard to imagine Peter Quill played by anyone other than Chris Pratt, but there was a time when the Guardians of the Galaxy were almost led by a different sitcom star.

In an interview with GQ, director James Gunn revealed the Plan B he had in place if negotiations with Pratt fell through, and it’s clear he was set on casting an out-of-the-box comic actor in the role. Of all people, Gunn was considering Glenn Howerton, of¬†That 80s Show and Crank.

“Glenn came along a little bit later, but there was a good chance that, if I didn’t cast Chris, that I would’ve cast Glenn Howerton in the role.”


It’s weird, trying to picture¬†Howerton in the role. Even separating the actor from the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia character he’s best known for, he doesn’t put off the kind of charm the role requires. Honestly, he’s a bit smarmy. And it’s safe to assume that Pratt’s easy likability had something to do with the film raking in over three quarters of a billion dollars.

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