Green Arrow’s Cousin Joins The Cast Of THE FLASH

The CW’s DC Universe has been growing at an insane pace lately and this new bit of casting keeps it in the family.

Arrow star Stephen Amell’s cousin Robbie Amell will be joining the cast of The Flash as Ronnie Raymond, better known as one half of the hero Firestorm. No word yet on his other half.

You probably won’t recognize Robbie Amell from CW’s Tomorrow People because no one watched that show. You’re more likely to have seen him on How I Met Your Mother as Robin’s dog-like boyfriend Scooby, or perhaps, weirdly, as Fred in Cartoon Network’s live-action Scooby Doo movies.


Other new additions to the universe are considerably higher profile (and on the already successful Arrow). Sin City‘s Devon Aoki joins the cast as Katana, though presumably she won’t be bringing the rest of the Outsiders. Perennial villain Peter Stormare will seemingly be a much more comic booky Count Vertigo, while former Superman Brandon Routh will play Ray Palmer in a whopping 14 episodes. This is actually Routh’s fifth comic book role.

Does anyone want to talk about how DC managed to get their shrinking hero onto screens before Marvel’s Ant-Man, despite that film’s announcement almost a decade ago?

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