ORPHAN BLACK Gets Renewed, Snubbed

You can’t get everything you want in this world, and no one knows that better than the fans of Orphan Black.

Last night word came down from BBC America that the best science-fiction series on TV is getting a third season. The network also bragged about the show’s ratings and how involved the fans are on social media.

Season 3 will pick up the insane threads laid down in the last few moments of last month’s season finale. And when you say “insane” while talking about a show like Orphan Black, you mean a special kind of bugfuck.


The new season will, like its predecessors, consist of 10 episodes, run most likely without a break. The show will go in front of cameras later this year for a 2015 season premiere.

Of course, the universe can’t let Clone Club get too happy. The Emmy nominations were this morning and once again the series and its lead/majority of its cast, Tatiana Maslany, were ignored.

But take heart, fans. With another season on the horizon and an ever-expanding stable of characters for Maslany to play, her chances of getting nominated only increase every year.

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