Holy Crap! The DEADPOOL Movie Is Actually Happening

I never thought I’d see the day. For as long as I’ve been doing this there have been two films that have been a constant source of kinda-sorta-but not really news, Ghostbusters 3 and Deadpool. I didn’t believe either would ever actually happen. They’re just click-bait. Until now. At least for one of them.

Fox has set a release date for the Deadpool solo film. And no, I’m not fucking with you.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Merc with a Mouth will make his way to theatres on February 12, 2016, a date that initially seems weird until you realize that it’ll be the fourth Marvel movie Fox has released on Valentine’s weekend.*

It’s likely that the studio’s decision was influenced by three factors that came into play this summer, finally making a Deadpool film look like an idea worth giving a shot. First, Days of Future Past made just an insane amount of money. Then, the test footage “leaked” online** to universal praise. And finally, Guardians of the Galaxy made proved that audiences are willing to accept weird-ass superheroes when it, too, made ridiculous money.

So of course Fox is going to move ahead with the movie that fans (and its probable star) have not been able to shut up about for years. I say “probable” because while Tim Miller is still set to direct, no deal is currently in place for Ryan Reynolds. He’s expected to return to the role, but he’s largely been seen as box office poison since Green Lantern.

On the other hand…

I’m sure many (if not most) fans will bang the the “It must be R-rated’ drum, but I doubt Fox will agree. Expect a very hard PG-13 (like the kind where they trim seconds to avoid the R). And, I know I’ve said this before, honestly Deadpool doesn’t need to be R-rated. Most of his comics have been the equivalent of PG-13, he had a perfect portrayal on Ultimate Spider-Man (even if you hate the show, go to Netflix and watch the episode, it’s one of the series’ best) and look at Scott Pilgrim for a master class on how Deadpool could be translated to live-action without losing what makes the comic so beloved.


* – the others being Daredevil and both Ghostriders… so, interpret that however you want. Is it where they put their “darker” movies or is it a dumping ground?

** – I’m not entirely convinced it wasn’t intentionally leaked to gauge audience reaction.

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