Holy Crap You Need To See Benedict Cumberbatch As Doctor Strange

We’ve seen more than our fair share of spy photos from the Doctor Strange set. Most of those have been of Benedict Cumberbatch wandering around Asian sets looking like a hobo. So what will he look like when he puts on the cape and amulet? A whole hell of a lot like Doctor Strange, actually.

benedict cumberbatch doctor strange

That’s one of the most accurate translations from comic to screen since… what, Sin City?

The film itself is still pretty early in the production, with this being one of the first time the Sherlock star has suited up. The actor spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the part and using the photoshoot to try out his magical gestures.

“I’m still in the infancy of learning all that,” Cumberbatch tells EW. “It was like, okay, I’ve got to keep throwing these poses, these spells, these rune-casting things, everything he does physically. I’m thinking, there’s going to be a huge amount of speculation and intrigue over the positioning of that finger as opposed to it being there, or there. And I’m still working on that. We haven’t played any of those scenes yet. I felt really self-conscious. But, then, by the end, it was great. It’s like anything, you just have to experiment.”

I’m kind of really excited for this one. I love that Marvel’s exploring the weirder corners of their universe and Doctor Strange certainly lives in those corners.

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