I Wish I Were An Alien – A PARKS AND REC Movie?

Hey, did you hear your favorite show is coming back?

Well, not really. Ok, no it isn’t happening at all. I hate seeing articles like this one where they tease at the possibility your favorite program is going to come back. Uproxx is one more in the long line of pop culture rags who does this bait and switch.

They lure you in with a title saying that a certain show may be making a comeback either on the big or small screen. This gets you hyped as you begin to think of all the possibilities. Then you read the article and realize it was all hooey.

In this case Uproxx talked a few weeks ago of the possible Parks and Recreation movie. Something I admit I would like to see at some point, but I knew it was unlikely. This fact beared itself out quickly when it turned out this was only Chris Pratt stating he was open to the possibility. In other words he is saying that it isn’t happening, but if the right script came and the money was right then sure why not? Their examples of other actors who are open to the idea of a reunion isn’t very compelling.

All these articles do is get our hopes up. Just because one actor may possibly at some point maybe be interested isn’t the same as it actually happening. Even an actor with the It Factor of Chris Pratt doesn’t make it a guarantee. Especially when you consider the show ended a few years ago and there are dozens of other actors involved who have moved on to other projects.

These articles shouldn’t exist as they only lead to heartbreak. It is nice that Chris is interested, but I won’t hold my breath this will happen.


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