New SPIDER-MAN Cartoon To Feature Miles And Gwen Because Disney Wants Us To Be Happy

When Disney announced last year that their Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon would be ending this month to make way for a new “back-to-basics” series it left fans wondering what, exactly, that meant. Thanks to some leaked images we now have a hint and it’s a little less basic than anyone expected.

And I’m pretty thrilled.

Fractured Pixels got their hands on some style guide art and potential merchandise for Marvel’s Spider-Man. A series that “follows the teenage years of Spider-Man, as an unsure but courageous Peter Parker has to figure out how to be a superhero from the very beginning” and will the wall-crawler joined by Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen.

Here’s just a sampling of the art.



I’m really hoping this is the style of the animation because damn this looks nice.


sm_sg16_6 sm_sg16_9

(I love how expressive that Spidey is.)

Though sadly the show will feature a more classic Venom and not the Agent Venom take on the character.


Even though I really dug Ultimate Spider-Man, I’m pretty excited about this new iteration. Because how could i not be?

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